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='''Open Index Protocol Applications in Development'''=
'''Token.fm Streaming Music Player''' - https://token.fm/
'''Token.fm Streaming Music Player''' - https://token.fm/

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Token.fm Streaming Music Player - https://token.fm/

token.fm's mission is to empower media creators, excite fans and expand what is possible with media. It is an artist and fan community and streaming platform that bridges the gap between physical ownership and digital streaming in an exciting way that offers the best of both worlds. Blockchain tokens offer a powerful tool to value creation and engagement between creators and their fans. Both blockchain and bitcoin are abstracted away so core features can be enjoyed without technical hurdles. token.fm empowers media creators to own their distribution and pricing and to create exciting value for their fans. It is the first practical artist and fan based application of blockchain technology.

Robo3D's "3DRM" Marketplace

YouTubexit.com Video Archiver

eVue Digital Labs