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[/news/coronavirus/index.html Coronavirus] infection rates have tripled or du lịch bắc kinh more in 0.6 per cent of council wards across England, with a six-fold surge in one village in East Yorkshire mystifying its residents. 
South Cave, a village 13 miles (21km) west of Hull and home to 5,000 people, saw its infection rate surge from 123 cases per 100,000 people in the week to February 2 to 750 by February 9. During the latest week 55 people there tested positive for the virus in just seven days.

Residents told local news website Hull Live they were 'gobsmacked' that cases had shot up. 
Nationally, the same weekly data shows 21.3 per cent of almost 6,500 council wards saw their positive test rates rise between February 2 and 9,  despite England's [/news/coronavirus-lockdowns/index.html lockdown] still being in full force.

Forty-two of these saw Covid infections triple. 
The small areas — which are home to around 8,000 people each, on average — with the highest infection rates were in Rutland, Dorset, Staffordshire, Knowsley, Bedford, Walsall, bắc kinh Fenland, Doncaster and Liverpool, as well as South Cave.
But looking at larger borough areas, of which there are 315 across all of England, analysis shows that cases have come down in 95 per cent of authorities.
And hospital data is promising, too, with the number of inpatients with Covid-19 now at half of its January peak in England - with 17,694 down from 34,336 - and patient numbers down 41 per cent UK-wide.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock said today that there is still 'some way to go' in ending the second wave of Covid in the UK but said there was hope jabs would stop the virus spreading.

Boris Johnson will lay out his roadmap out of lockdown next Monday.

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