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Joseph Fiscella - Joseph is Vice President and Lead Blockchain Developer at Blockparty. He has been part of the FLO core team since launch, and is co-founder of Alexandria. With 5 years of full time blockchain experience, Joseph brings a deep wealth of industry talent and insight to the FLO Core team.

Devon James - Devon Read James is the inventor of Open Index Protocol (OIP), a blockchain specification for a worldwide database, CTO of Alexandria Labs and application for content on the Open Index and CEO of Blockchain Technology Group a company that incubates ideas. He has worked for Apple and Sony, deployed twice overseas as a US Marine infantryman, contributed to Emmy & Oscar winners as a post-production artist, and co-founded a small design/manufacture/import business.

Davi Ortega - Davi is a PhD in computational biophysics working as a postdoctoral scholar in the Jensen Lab at Caltech. He is the project coordinator for ETDB and a developer of several applications focused in data visualization for bioinformatics. Davi is passionate about evolution of complexity and distributed forms of governance.

BitSpill - BitSpill has been a blockchain developer for over 4 years, and has been a member of the FLO core team for most of that time. He is a contributor to these projects:

- FLO core Version 0.10 and 0.15

- Alexandria & OIP

- SIA Coin & SIA Coin UI

- MiningCore Pool Backend

- Bitcoin Test Suite

- Verge Electrum Wallet

- Ethereum Documentation

ValentinJesse - Valentin is a Front End Developer and blockchain expert. Valentin has been an active contributor to FLO and Alexandria since 2016 and joined the FLO core team in 2017, creating front and back end applications for FLO. Valentin is the creator of the FLO website as well as the block halving information page.

Joseph Fiscella
Devon James
Davi Ortega
Sky Young
Chris Chrysostom
Amy James

Sky Young - Sky is a full-stack developer who has worked on everything from decentralized file storage and transfer systems to protocols built on top of blockchains. Sky has been on the core FLO development team since 2015, is Full Stack Web Developer at Alexandria, and is a member of the OIP Working Group.

Chris Chrysostom - Chris has developed software for 30 years. His experience ranges from inventory control desktop databases to large healthcare and supply chain systems. He came to FLO by working with Alexandria in 2016. Now he works as Developer Lead at Medici Land Governance implementing a global property rights register with OIP and FLO.

Amy James - Amy James is the co-inventor of Open Index Protocol (OIP), an index for all public information and CEO of Alexandria Labs a content application for music, podcasts, video and other media published to the Open Index. She introduced the ’Salutary Protocols’ blockchain economic model to contribute to the ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ protocol models. Previously, she has worked at nonprofit arts organizations, political campaigns and as an independent writer/director.

Kirill Gourov - Kirill is Director at Eastmore Group, a New York based alternative investing firm, where he focuses on digital currency investment. He also manages strategy at Compass Blockchain Solutions, a blockchain consulting firm. Kirill has been a FLO team member since 2013.

Sam Russell - Sam is FLO’s marketing expert and commercial strategist who works with CEOs, marketing teams and agencies to deliver smarter marketing. Sam has worked in marketing and commercial roles for Red Bull, Experian, Zomatio, and Peazie. Some of Sam’s clients also include BMW, Air Asia, and Fox Sports. Sam’s specialty is campaign planning, strategy, ROI planning and attribution, data acquisition, conversion optimization, audience building, and go to market strategies.

Ray Engelking - Ray is a developer and inventor with 30 years of experience envisioning, architecting, producing, and maintaining technical solutions. Ray has a background in electronics, engineering, and computing and has been part of the FLO core team since 2017.